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Michael Jackson Stillness

An icontest community

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A Michael Jackson icontest community.

MJ Stillness Rules

Maintained by miss_dee_b, hepburnette and lostinfatesgame.

Our current banner makers are anorange_sky, hepburnette, lostinfatesgame and lovemyxvanity.

1. Submissions may not be animated. This is a stillness community. ;)
2. Submissions must be anonymous and not posted anywhere else until voting is over.
3. Please don't vote for yourself. ;)
4. Icons including Michael's children will not be accepted.
5. You must create icons from whatever images are provided unless stated otherwise.
6. Submissions must be 100x100 (and under 40kb)and newly created for the challenge.
7. No taking anyones icons without their permission. :)
8. Please try to avoid using your username in your icon.
9. Michael must be in your entries, unless otherwise stated. ;)
1. When a new contest is posted, to enter, just post a reply with your entry in image format and the url, like so:

2. Please make sure entries are uploaded to somewhere that allows remote linking such as photobucket or tinypic.. Geocities and Tripod will not work.

Entering and Voting
Anyone can vote!

Monday: New challenge
Fri: Deadline for entries
Saturday and Sunday: Voting
Tuesday: Results posted

Please feel free to use any of these banners to promote us!!

MJ Stillness

mjlims | mj_icons | mj_elite

|Profile banner by mysterygal_re||
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